ZACK'S QUIZ 2 (54x4min)

ZACK'S QUIZ (season 2) is a great animated series wich allows kids to think while watching TV!
Professor Zack introduces Sally and her brother Max, who are to compete with a new team in each episode for the day’s Big Prize. Through satellite link, a special guest joins them to ask an offbeat question to be resolved by the contestants in 3 rounds...

For the 6-8years old, this cute and dynamic show stimulates brain with (reaaally easy) questions, puzzles and even the learning of the sign language. In fact, half of the episodes from this season are dedicated to the deaf and hard hearing children, and the two live actors Lola and Oscar are here to help guessing words and actions in sign language:

I was pretty excited about this job because it was my very first experience at teleworking on my brand new Storyboard Pro license I'd just bought. Five days per storyboard, and nine episodes to work on.

Now, here is the typical proceedings of an episode (click to enlarge pictures)

Boula the chef:

Today, it's Sally and Max versus Wi-Bot and Carlo the cake:

In this episode (which I think is the funniest), Boula the alien needs help to cook his mom's favorite meal: baked Jupiter slugs with cheese! Candidats's reaction:

...yeah, pretty disgusting. Anyway, Oscar arrives and the quizz starts as usual. Today we learn how to say "cook" and "oven" in sign language.

Wi-Bot wanted to cook something too: a nut and bolt pie with wrench flavored custard:

Again, candidats's reaction: "...!"

Last question:

And as always, Sally and Max are the winners.

Now, let's see some random panels from the others episodes I worked on:

Ants sisters are entering big school, the list of school supplies is veeeeeery long!

Boula is seasick because the quizz is about navy...

Sally is answering...

Simple mockery acting

A goldfish and a we've seen everything!

Yeah...this goldfish is really in love.

"I look so awful, even a scarecrow would be afraid of me!"

Sometimes candidates of the same team do not have the same opinion...

Roger, agent croco croco seven.

Reflexion time and buzz.

Ants sister are a bit clumsy...they all want to answer the quizz question but one of them throws her fingers into her sisters's eyes.

"Wrong answer!"

"Good answer!"

Problem solved, all's well that ends well.

"See you soon!"

Now, here is a video clip:

And finally, have some screenshots from the show!

Hope you liked it :)

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