GROOVE HIGH (26x22min)

GROOVE HIGH is an animated series comedy with live action, lots of great original music and a whole ton-o-funny, for 7 to 12 year old boys and girls.
Tom and Zoe (Jonathan Bailey and Samantha Barks) look back on their young years in high school, how they met awesome friends, the challenges they accomplished, the thousand incredible situations they lived,  the crazy shows they made, ect. But needless to say sometimes memories can be often slightly distorted or exaggerated...

Tom and Zoe, animated and real life versions:

So, I worked on this series as an Assistant Storyboarder in a team.
Our work consisted to take the precuted storyboard the Storyboarder Artist did, sometimes we just had to change a character pose, adjust a background, or correct an expression to match a new dialogue, but sometimes the work was huge, because we had to change everything. So we had to divide the precut as much as we were in the team, correct it, ad TONS of gags and crazy acting to the characters, and clean it. This was the more intersting part since we had to create, and not just to correct.

I really enjoy drawing gags and acting, so that was a great exprerience. David Freedman, is the coolest director I've ever met, and Groove High wouldn't be as fun as it is right now if he had not been there. He motivated the team monday he arrived in the studio, gave me great advices everytime he came at my desk, created 100gags per hour...well, it was really interesting working with him.

Back to storyboard.
Here are some funny screenshots:

Iris looking at the camera in despear:

Lex performing his music like crazy:

Baz having a dream about getting an A at his test:

Lex's giant computer:

"Baz, look me in the eyes"

Baz huging Tom (disguised in Dom):


Leena amazing circus skills: 

Tom in trouble:

Baz extremely jaded:

Tommington hidden behind Tom's locker door:

Lex counting on his fingers (a quick gag, in the middle of a conversation):

Tom (disguised in Dom) pushing his best friend out of the screen:

Lovely screenshot from the "Silly Song" (last song of Groove High)

Tom (disguised in Dom) flirting with Zoe:

And many others...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Time for animatics! Here are some extracts from sequences I've made:

Tom questionning all his friends because he thinks someone betrayed him:

Baz trying to impress Leena for their first date:

Vic having a dance class with a particulary severe teacher: (my favourite one)

Duke and Tom in Groove High director office:

Tom and Baz disguised as Dom and Jaz and suddenly Zoe knocking at the door:

much details on the action:

Zoe and her overacted-sticky-opera-star mom:

Tommington asking Tom for help/ then Tommington copying Tom:

The "Silly Song" clip (last song of Goove High):

And much much more...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Let's finish with a comparison storyboarded version/animated version:

Hope you liked it :)

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